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5 Things You Need To Know About Canvas Gelato's Fresh Gelato.

And Why Our Gelatos Taste The Way They Do

1. Everything at Canvas Gelato is made from from scratch.

We Pasteurize and freeze our gelato daily, we make our sauces and jams inhouse. Those crackers and baqlawas? We bake them inhouse too!

2. No fake syrups and flavorings.

Our coffees, teas, herbs and spices are all infused in the gelato base. We use none of those "coffee flavor" tins youll find displayed in some gelaterias.

3. Not your regular menu.

Bored of all the same generic gelato flavors each and every gelato store has, made using the same syrups and pastes?

Fancy trying Pistachio Baqlawa, Smoked Caramel and Bacon, and Goat Cheese and Figs?

4. Loved by some of the leading restaurants and cafes in the Country.

If you've been to Mirzam Chocolate Makers, To the Moon and Back Cafe, Milk Bakery, and Kinoya and had their gelato. yes, its us :).

5. Perfect for your gatherings.

Whether you're pairing the gelato with your favorite cake or brownie, or having a scoop by itself, our gelatos are the perfect ending to your meal.


— Khaleej Times

Listen to what our customers are saying:

"We are so impressed that each flavor is so true to its description. You have done an amazing job creating these wonderful flavors and textures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us."

Muhammad S.

Verified Buyer

"Dear the gelato is so good it literally filled me with happiness"


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"The dark chocolate ice cream is the best chocolate ever. I mean it tastes so much better than the normal ones"


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